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How to Prepare for Crowdfunding

February 28, 2014

Check out this recent article from the Wall Street Journal on crowdfunding:

The popular perception of fundraising sites like Kickstarter is that entrepreneurs can cut out a lot of the legwork of landing money. But experts say that’s far from true.

A successful campaign takes plenty of advance planning—as well as constant involvement along the way—to keep backers happy and new supporters joining on. A halfhearted effort could not only make a cash drive stall out, it also could do lasting damage to an entrepreneur’s standing with customers and potential investors down the road.

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Top 3 Business Financial Fails and How to Avoid Them

February 27, 2014

Check out this recent article from AllBusiness.com about financial mistakes you may already be making:

So you think you’re on top of your business’s finances. Maybe you’ve even gotten a bank loan or line of credit. But there are three common financial mistakes that could be putting your business at risk, according to a recent survey by online accounting software company Xero.

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How to Expand a Small Business When You Don’t Get Paid on Time

February 26, 2014

Check out this recent article from BloombergBusinessweek:

Question: My father is planning on retiring and he wants me to help him grow his dump truck business. I understand the business model, but I can’t figure out how to cover the costs of adding more trucks to the company. Every time we add an extra truck to the fleet there are expenses, but the broker that pays us holds up funds for 75 days. How can I manage this finance problem so I can add new trucks?

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3 Ways to Boost Your ‘Executive Presence’ While Pitching for Funding

February 25, 2014

Check out this recent article from Entrepreneur on how to enhance your pitch for funding your business:

Having “presence” and a personal brand are must-have attributes in our noisy me-too world of neck-and-neck competition. Alas, it’s often not enough to clinch the deal or make the sale.

Even with a proven track record and a well-established reputation, an entrepreneur has precious little time to convince anyone — not just the skeptics — that they and their ideas are the real deal.

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How Big Leaps Can Be Dangerous to Your Business

February 24, 2014

Check out this recent article from SmallBusinessTrends on the business-minded decision making process:
Most small business owners think they have to take giant risks to be successful. They reason that the greater the risk, the bigger the reward. This is common wisdom since, when a success story gets publicized, no one hears about all the interim steps that were taken to get to the final result.

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