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Small Business Resolutions For The New Year

December 31, 2013

As the New Year approaches, so does another 12 months of opportunity for your business. A lot of entrepreneurs have the same question on their minds, “What can I do to make 2014 even better for my small business?” Here are some resolutions from various owners and managers you should keep in mind for your business.

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Design Tips For A More Productive Office

December 30, 2013

Employee’s workspace can influence their productivity, as well as their peace of mind. Simple changes can greatly increase workers efficiency while making them happier.

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Instagram And Pinterest Are Getting Big Likes From Business Owners

December 23, 2013

Facebook and Twitter have been the go to outlets for small businesses when it comes to social media, but Pinterest and Instagram shouldn’t be overlooked. Facebook and Twitter provide a wider reach, but Pinterest and Instagram are better for connecting with a specific target audience.

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Small Businesses Lose Out To Big Movie Productions

December 20, 2013

Massachusetts gives out tax credits to attract Hollywood to film in the state. Since 2006, $327 million was spent on luring film crews to Massachusetts. The state loses money when movies are shot here, but why should small businesses suffer as well?

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Small Business Mistakes To Avoid In 2014

December 19, 2013

As the end of the year rapidly approaches, many small business owners are evaluating their past 12 months and looking forward to the future. Here are five tips on things you should try to avoid in 2014.

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