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Getting the Most Out of Your Press Release

September 23, 2013

Have you ever wondered how to maximize the effectiveness of your press release? Better yet, have you ever been curious as to why your beautifully written, detailed, and enthusiastic press release wasn’t more effective? If so, pay attention. The following four tips will revolutionize the way you approach the creation of your next press release, and undoubtedly boost its effectiveness.

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How To Recruit Against Large Competitors For Top Talent

September 23, 2013

Despite still relatively high unemployment rates, sixty percent of small business owners and managers still say finding skilled workers is their company’s greatest challenge when it comes to hiring and managing staff.

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10 Ways Startups Can Grow With Vine and Instagram Video

September 20, 2013

A panel of 10 founders give us their advice on how to incorporate Vine and Instagram Video into their social media marketing.

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Online Hiring Tools Are Changing the Game: 4 Tips

September 7, 2013

How often have you found yourself struggling to find qualified candidates to fill an open position? Conventional methods for advertising job positions and appealing to qualified candidates have become increasingly difficult. Likewise, the cost of using a hiring firm can be astronomical; far beyond the reach of many small businesses. Alas, there is good news. Online resources have made appealing to and reaching out to qualified candidates easier than you think!

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