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7 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

July 22, 2013

Starting and maintaining a blog for your small business is extremely important these days. Why? Think about it. Before the days of internet your consumer base would consist of local members of the community and those whose attention was caught while driving by. If you had a good product, your competition was few and far between. Nowadays, even with the same advertising and quality products, your competition can span coast to coast, and even across seas.

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Admit your mistakes and embrace the stress

July 22, 2013

You own your business and you make mistakes. Whether you have a staff of forty-nine or none, acknowledge your mistakes instead of hiding them. In doing so, you will foster a welcoming environment where people don’t shy away from taking the risks that are necessary to advancement. Owning up to your mistakes is a sign of strength, not weakness. Assigning blame instead of moving on is counterproductive.


Additionally, the occasional bursts of stress that might accompany your job are actually good for you. In small doses, they can boost your ability to think about tackling a challenge. Remember: this only applies to small bouts of stress. To avoid overdoing it, take your team outside occasionally to show them that they are valuable.


Last but not least, don’t hesitate to get rid of any employees who cause trouble. Sometimes a seemingly solid hire can become toxic to your workplace and a source of unhealthy stress. You will make mistakes in hiring, but don’t let them hurt you.


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Social Media Overload

July 19, 2013

Many small businesses are making the big mistake of not using social media because they believe it won’t help their business or even simpler, they don’t understand how it works. However, many small business owners probably haven’t actually taken the time to consider how social media actually can improve their business. Using social media doesn’t necessarily mean your small business needs to create a Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and every other social media platform. In fact, it is often best to only stick to a few of the major social networking sites that way you avoid overwhelming yourself and it is easier to update continuously.

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The Perks of a Small Business

July 17, 2013

Being a part of a small business does not mean playing a small role in the company, it is actually quite the opposite. As a small business owner you are able to interact directly with clients and employees. This gives you the advantage of getting to know the people who keep your business running—the clients and staff!