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How To Work With Extroverted Employees

May 20, 2013

“Extroverts aren’t just people who are talkative and engaging these personality types get their energy from external sources, often from other people”- Human resources expert Meredith Persily Lamel. Often extroverted people are very strongly opinionated and usually always want to talk through problems when it comes to your business. Here are Five things you can do to help the workflow of your company when it comes to extrovert productivity.

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Small Business Management: Making the Most of Employees

May 17, 2013

Start up companies are faced with countless challenges, but what do they tend to struggle most with?  The answer is employee management.  Many that start a business are so focused on the other aspects of launching their brand that managing employees falls to the wayside.

In the overwhelming phase of starting a company founders get so caught up in their efforts within the busniess their people skills suffer.

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A Startup Is Nothing Without Confidence

May 15, 2013

As in many things in life, confidence plays a big role in how successful your startup business will ultimately be.  It usually has little to do with skills or the quality of your business idea, but everything to do with the confidence you have to sell yourself and your vision.  That confidence is what helps you convince investors that you are worth their funding.  As an entrepreneur, it’s important to keep these three confidence tips in mind.

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Organize Employees With Temperament Categorization

May 13, 2013

Being a new business owner or taking over a new business can be very tough to handle. One of the things that may help you organize, use your employees to their best potential, or take control as a leader in your business, is to catagoize your employees into a system that uses their best talents by electing their personalities/work habits/temporment a color. Think of this process almost like a horiscope that uses colors to divide your employees, instead of the chinese calander animal representations or zodiac figures.

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Keep These Tips In Mind Before You Launch

May 10, 2013

Starting up is business can be hard, these tips will help. From learning how to get investor interested to building up media outlets. 

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