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Connecticut Small Business New Support

March 10, 2013

Small businesses in Connecticut are receiving support during the difficult economy with the Small Business Express Program. The program initially was made for $100 million dollars to be distributed to small companies in Connecticut  with 100 or fewer employees. The program, authorized by Governor Dannel Malloy, is for instead $60 million dollars to replenish the small business community.

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Out With The Old: Yahoo

March 5, 2013

Even for large companies, the economy is having everyone question their business. For the company Yahoo, its all about tossing old products to the chopping block. Marissa Mayer who recently last year stepped in as CEO has made the decision to get rid of some of yahoo users favorite features. Yahoo Messenger, Clue, Avatars, Sports IQ are just a few products that will no longer be featured, or no longer supported and updated by Yahoo. 

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