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Tips & Tricks for Optimizing Facebook Analytics

October 17, 2012

Learn How to Optimize Your Facebook Presence by Utilizing Analytics

Smart Facebook page owners know to look beyond the arbitrary number of likes and instead focus on the deep analytics to see how their page is performing. Fortunately, Facebook makes it easy to access this valuable information and use it to optimize your strategy. Here are some tips.

See What’s Working and What’s Hurting

Under the Facebook Insights  “Users” dashboard, you’ll find a graph tracking new likes and unlikes. While it’s exciting to see how many new likes your page has received, it’s even more useful to track its unlikes. When you see the number of unlikes spike, review your page activity from the day to help find a root cause. Did you post irrelevant content or post too often? Did you say something offensive? Keeping a close eye on when likes and unlikes spike will help you learn how to improve your Facebook strategy.

Track Traffic

Facebook Insights also helps you track the sources of incoming traffic to your page. If you’ve been trying to drive website visitors to your Facebook page but the numbers from that source are lower than expected, you might consider featuring the link more prominently or increasing incentives.

While Facebook’s insight suite provides you with lots of rich information, you can get even deeper analysis by adding your own analytics package. Implementing on-click tagging for a Facebook will help provide a complete look at how the app is performing. This is very useful for pinpointing why you may be getting high drop-off rates in a survey by letting you see where customers are most likely to abandon. You can use this information to optimize your survey for higher completion rates.

Measure the Competition

Social Bakers is a free site for finding Facebook stats for other pages. Use this tool to compare your likes and page growth to that of your competitors.