7 Reasons Why You Should Use Social Media to Connect with Customers

Check out this recent article from AllBusiness Experts on the importance of social media when it comes to connecting with customers:

Some people simply refuse to take the time to learn new strategies, hence the saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” The truth is, you can teach old dogs if they are willing to be open to possibility and are dedicated to learning. Some old dogs mentally remain young and love the challenge.

A question regarding why use social media has an obvious answer: Would you rather meet one person at a time, and have a prolonged conversation that may or may not turn into furthering business, or would you rather meet many people, within a few minutes, further attracting and connecting with those who take an upfront interest in your services?

Here are seven reasons why social media is important for anyone hoping to connect with customers:

1. Time Efficiency and Effortless Prospecting

Upon actively using the major social media sites and platforms for only 20 minutes per day, you will build a loyal following and clientele. More striking is that you will eventually reach thousands and then millions of people attracted to your content who choose to be your follower.

Instead of the traditional corporate method of “knocking on doors” to find only 10 percent interested, a higher percentage will find you online. Even better, they will be the ones knocking on your door. And better than that, they will repost your advice for their own followers. This causes a ripple effect, producing an even higher percentage of people seeking you out. It’s a very refreshing concept. For traditional salespeople this is close to being a miracle!

2. Exponential Reach
Not only do your followers grow over time, so do those of your connections. The tagging technique consisting of typing your friend’s name in the message will deliver your content to their followers, too. Your only requirement is to have a reciprocal agreement as well as to not overdo the tagging.

3. Money Efficiency
Compare working online to the expense of travel for prospecting, meetings, and conventions. In other words, working online costs $0 versus gas, toll roads, parking, hotel, luncheons, tips, vendor fees, raffle tickets, and giveaways. Most networking events add up to a minimum of $100 where you might make 15 connections only to have two people truly interested in possibly doing business with you.

4. Global and High-Level Reach
Traditional meetings and events normally attract people of the same caliber. Frequently, those who are more accomplished appear unapproachable. However, particularly on LinkedIn, it’s feasible to connect with high-level executives and CEOs of startups and large organizations. It never hurts to ask to connect and you just might be surprised. Likewise, you have access to people around the globe enabling you to pursue a larger vision.

5. Your Content Can Be Found, Liked, and Shared
Your reach toward potential audiences is leveraged. In this manner, more introductions and offers of opportunity are received. Now you are in the leadership position of qualifying the offers that best match your priorities and will fast track your achievements.

6. Collaboration Replaces Competition
Using social media takes a different mindset from the traditional career environment. In particular, the sales environment is highly competitive and secretive in order to earn bonuses, recognition, and coveted trips. The online world welcomes the free exchange of ideas. As more people adapt to this line of thinking, more people will benefit and ultimately society wins.

7. The New You and New Business

Seriously, 15-20 minutes per day will quickly ramp up your business and presence in the business world. When you freely share your knowledge on multiple platforms including blogs and video, accessible on mobile devices, your ability to connect with wider and larger audiences increases your potential clientele.

One cautionary note is to use time management and follow up wisely to secure your new clients.

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