6 Pillars are the Foundation of Small Business Success

Check out this recent article from Small Business Trends on building a foundation for small business success:

“Small business success happens here.”

This was pretty much all over banners, handouts, programs, marketing materials and infused into conversations at the Infusionsoft ICON14 annual conference that I attended as part of the media.

To this company and community, it’s a mindset, a lifestyle and a mantra. It’s ingrained and supported in everything that Infusionsoft does for its community, its in their messaging and in their 9 Core Values. I was very impressed and inspired by the company, the leadership and the conference.

I dubbed it “the biggest small business pep rally,” which Clate especially liked.

They were first class all the way, from my first contact, to my getting home safely. They sent daily reminders, recaps and comprehensive information to make my experience smooth, fun and meaningful. I have been to a lot of conferences over my career and I would say this one was one of the best.

Why? The people, the attitude, the content and the accessibility of all of the attendees, media and Infusionsoft leadership.

I felt from the beginning that my experience was their priority and I really appreciated that. As part of the media, we got to visit their headquarters, mingle and network at special events with their leaders and other VIP’s and get to see the company from the inside out, in action.

During our media orientation, Clate talked about the “dark days of early entrepreneurship” and what they did to get through them.

As someone who has worked with many start ups, small businesses and entrepreneurs, and being one myself, I especially appreciated his candor about how this can be the factor that causes most people to give up and walk away – instead of reach out for help.

I had the opportunity to meet one on one with Clate Mask, Infusionsoft Founder and CEO, who was gracious, authentic, honest and quite funny.

Here are some of the ideas and themes I took away from my time with Clate, the attendees I met, and the overall theme of the speakers and presenters.

6 Pillars of Success

Success Mindset
They deeply believe that they will be successful and develop a “success mindset” that fuels them.
They put into place the systems, processes, technology, sales and marketing foundations that keep them on track and organized.
They foster leadership by giving back and being active in their local and national community that keeps them connected.
They know the value and benefits of strong networking both in person and online.
They believe mentorship in business is essential to building strong relationships.
Professional Development
They commit to ongoing professional development to add value and relevance to their customers and colleagues.

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