The 7 Huge Secrets of Entrepreneurship: What Every Business Owner Should Know

Check out this recent article from Yahoo about seven vital pieces of startup wisdom:

We entrepreneurs have a few secrets that most of us won’t talk about. Like, ever. Because if you’re successful, you’re not supposed to experience this stuff, right? WRONG. Successful business owners experience this stuff, too! And if you don’t know that even the most successful entrepreneurs have doubts, uncertainties, and yes, even fear, when you do experience these things you might think you’re a) crazy, b) doing something wrong, or c) a big failure. But the correct answer is D) NONE of those things. So read on, because you’re about to feel better, just knowing that you’re not alone.

Here we go…the big secrets of entrepreneurship: what every business owner should know.

Secret #1. Owning a business is scary.

Business ownership is inherently anxiety-inducing for many reasons, chief among them that you want to pay your mortgage and, on a bigger scale, that the success or failure of the business lies squarely onyour shoulders. Sure, you can hire people to help you, but hire the wrong people and your business will undoubtedly suffer. Yikes!

Plus, when you start a business, you’re stepping out on a limb and you’re never sure just how strong that branch might be. You can conduct market research all day long, but the question of “Is there a target market and will they pay for what I have to offer?” is only really answered once you launch the business.

Not to mention that when you own a business, you’re constantly thinking about where the next client or customer is going to come from…and if that next client or customer is going to come.

But it’s not all about fear. Once you get the right systems in place for lead generation and marketing your business, it’s not nearly as scary. And if you get the right people in the right positions, your business will flourish.

Also, entrepreneurship can be exhilarating! It’s one place where you can take chances and experiment. And while you might never stop being afraid (even the most successful business owners I know still experience fear), when you succeed in business, the payoff can be huge, both personally and financially.

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