Language of Leadership: Constructive Versus Destructive

Check out this recent article from SmallBizTrends on building better leadership skills:

On February 3rd Jeremy Kinsley was a guest on Entrepreneur’s Insight radio show. He talked about how inspired leaders produce results. I had the pleasure of being the follow up guest.

The host, Kip Marlow and I spent some time exploring how leaders communicate. While many people are given the title of leader, a lot of them don’t elicit results because they don’t communicate in a way that inspires action and results.

Having studied leaders for several years there are three distinct behaviors that I see real, impactful leaders engage in.

Language of Leadership
1. Constructive Versus Destructive Communication

Constructive Communication:
Good leaders communicate in a way that elevates people instead of tearing others down. These leaders seek to solve problems and create long term solutions. When their focus is on improvement they speak openly, honestly, and consistently. They always have their eye on progress and success.
Constructive communication drives performance. It’s foundation is that the employee is capable and driven but has run into a snag. Working with them on that snag with a goal of removing it leads to greater results.
When someone is guided to identifying why something has happened and how they can change, they are likely to embrace the lessons and grow as an impactful member of the team.

Destructive Communication:
People who communicate destructively have changed the goal. Whether they realize it or not, their focus is on making someone else feel small.
When people feel small – they don’t perform to the height of their ability. They are not motivated to succeed.

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