How Big Leaps Can Be Dangerous to Your Business

Check out this recent article from SmallBusinessTrends on the business-minded decision making process:
Most small business owners think they have to take giant risks to be successful. They reason that the greater the risk, the bigger the reward. This is common wisdom since, when a success story gets publicized, no one hears about all the interim steps that were taken to get to the final result.

No one sees the up, down, and sideways paths it took to reach that goal.

Forget the Giant Risks
It is much safer and ultimately more effective to make a small decision, examine its result, and learn what you can from it. Then make another decision based on that outcome.
Think of each small decision as another piece of completing a puzzle. Never pin the future of a company on one decision, action, or resource. “Go big or go home” or “playing for all the marbles” may make a good slogan, but it has no real place in business.
Here is what to do get the most out of each new opportunity:

A Huge Customer
Downsize expectations. Start with small sales goals. No matter how big the opportunity or how famous the brand, keep the excitement in check.
While you may not want to treat them like just another customer, assume sales will build very slowly over a longer period of time.

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