How to Conduct an Effective Interview

Despite the fact that unemployment is still relatively high and many are looking for work, it can be difficult to find the right employee. It should go without saying that anyone you hire needs the proper skills to the do the job, but it is also important that they fit in with your company’s culture. The time to make sure of this is during the interview. You need to ask about their goals, passions and what they feel they have to contribute. This will help you identify whether they want to be a part of your team, or just ‘on a team’ (i.e., employed). You also need to ask questions that test their problem solving skills such as hypotheticals they are likely to face in the position you’re offering or ask for examples of problems they’ve had to solve for past employment positions. Many small business owners stick to a more passive interview format which is basically just a review of the candidate’s resume but in order to find hire someone who will fit in with your culture, add to your company growth and be there long-term, you must get more in depth.


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