Managing Negativity: Don’t Fear the Hater

If your business is relatively new, or newly growing, you may have gotten too caught up in the excitement to realize that the more popular you become, the more unpopular you will become with certain individuals. These naysayers may be embittered competitors, past customers who feel they’ve been wronged in some way, or many of them might not give much of a reason. Wherever their dislike of your product stems from, they need to be dealt with in some way and how you go about it could make or break your forward momentum. There is no catchall solution to dealing with these situations, but it needs to be done gracefully. One high-end leather bag company fought back against knock-off vendors by posting an instructional video demonstrating how to produce a lookalike. This drew attention to the superior quality of their product and elevated the status of their brand. These potentially intimidating situation could lead to a business if you are clever, classy and non-confrontational about it.


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