Repeat Business Is Good Business

You don’t have to be a small business owner to know that the economy is still in pretty tough shape. Depending on what kind of business you run, the advertising and marketing advice that has helped other companies may not apply to you. For example, a local retailer might not benefit from Google ads or a relentless social media campaign.If this describes your business, the key the staying afloat isn’t necessarily attracting new customers (though it wouldn’t be such a bad thing), but doing more with the customers you have. If you have customers who you might not describe as “regulars”, take steps to inspire loyalty. For customers who already fall under the category, take steps to make them want to do business with you even more. Both of these efforts can be accomplished by offering rewards of some kind. A punch-card based loyalty program is a pretty cheap and popular option. You may also consider offering discounts to people for paying in cash, saving them a little money on their purchases, and you a boatload in fees. If you do use social media and mobile marketing, you may want to tap into the latest trend of “Gamification” and encourage customers to stay engage with you business by inviting them to participate games, contests and challenges such as posted pictures of their favorite product to Facebook or rewards for “checking-in” on Foursquare.


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