New Year, New Plan, New Budget

Although we at BizBuzz realize that January 1st was over a month ago, the New Year is still relatively new and many small business owners are still scrambling to get various matters in order for the eleven months to come. One of the most important things to remember is that your budget is your roadmap and the best way to keep your business on track to meet your goals by the next Holiday Season. Additionally, the budget needs to be built and regarded like a stonewall or a levy. Adjusting it throughout the year will become a slippery slope leading to you coming up short financially or failing altogether, and it would defeat the purpose of having a budget in the first place. To minimize the temptations to make adjustments, you also need to hod other responsible for keeping your financial house in order. This means being vigilant about getting whats owed to you (by customers, buyers, sellers and so on) and getting it on time.


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