Building an Irresistible Internship Program

Despite what one might gather from the recent cultural and legal pushback against the standard internship paradigm, the basic concept of a novice working for free to acquire a skill is older than anyone in-the-know is confident about putting a number on. It is an exceptionally attractive option to businesses for the obvious reason of free labor, usually doing work that is frankly below a full time employee’s pay grade. It can also be an attractive option, and sometimes the only option, to jobseekers who are usually looking to change careers or are fresh out of college and can’t find a job that matches the degree they just paid for, without first gaining hands-on experience. When designed properly, it should be a perfectly symbiotic relationship in that everyone gets what they want/need. A poorly designed Internship Program will result in your interns being still unable to find work, still ignorant as to the inner workings of their professional field they are pursuing and though in the short term a business gets what they need, they will eventually have trouble finding interns to enroll. The underlying necessity for a solid, functional and sustainable Internship Program is painting a clear picture for the prospective interns of what exactly is in it for them and making sure that they will be gaining real and valuable skills that will help them get jobs afterwards and/or give them the opportunity to prove themselves enough to you that they can be seen as salary-worthy assets to your business.


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