Building A Strong Marketing Campaign From Scratch

Bootstrapping a business can be one of the more intimidating, overwhelming, and hence bravest projects an entrepreneur can embark on. This is especially true when you consider the advantages an established competitor or even a well-funded start-up might enjoy. Utilizing your only advantage begins with admitting defeat. This does not mean giving up, but realize that you will never be able to outspend them and thus, will not be able to do everything they can do. However, as a small business you are nimble, flexible and can generally run your operation a lot smoother without the bureaucracy involved with being a large corporation. Whenever possible, customers/clients generally prefer to do business with people, not a faceless corporation. This makes you capable of doing a lot of things that they CANNOT do and marketing to a demand that others don’t stand a chance at satisfying. Less Accounting features an article detailing how exactly you can highlight this when marketing and speaking with potential clients.


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