Facts About Generation Y (Millennials) A Small Business Should Know

The Baby Boomers generation is moving closer to retirement, which means it’s time to familiarize yourself more with the Millennials. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics project that Millennials will make up 36% of America’s 2014 workforce and 75% of the global workplace by 2025. Here are some facts about Generation Y:

  1. Many aren’t using their college degrees.
  2. But they are still finding jobs.
  3. Millennial workers listen to their bosses more.
  4. Generation Y wants to work for small businesses.
  5. Social Media is a must.
  6. They want to work flexible hours.
  7. They could become leaders.
  8. They want to be entrepreneurs.
  9. They want a meaningful career.
  10. Maybe most importantly, they understand how to use technology.

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