Small Business Guide To Surviving Employee Vacations

While employees enjoy time off from work for the holidays or a regular vacation, it could become an obstacle for small business owners. This isn’t necessarily the case for all business. Larger companies find it easier to find other employees to pick up the work that still has to be done, but small business owners could suffer with a smaller staff. Here are some tips to consider to keep your business running smoothly.

Claim Vacation in Advance

Make sure there’s a system in place for employees to request vacation time. Advance notice should be given no less than two weeks before traveling. If you do not have your employees doing this, you could have a disaster on your hands by having too many critical people gone at the same time.


Pay Extra

Nobody wants to do their job on top of doing the duties of someone else. To soften the blow, employers could offer an incentive to pick up the slack.


Hire Temporary Help

It may not be an employer’s first choice, but hiring temporary help could be beneficial. Many business owners see this option difficult, because there isn’t enough time to properly train someone to fill in for a weeklong position. But if they invest the time in their new temporary help, business owners will now have a potential worker for the next time someone needs to go on vacation.


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