Make Your Small Business Into A Holiday Sales Machine

It’s scary to think there’s only 12 shopping days left until Christmas. But this is plenty of time for your small business to vamp up on holiday sales. Here are some tips:


  • Follow in the footsteps of companies like Amazon and eBay. Offer a “Daily Deal’ each day to drive shoppers to your store or website. Everyone likes a good deal. Use some marketing jargon to excite your customers. For example, “New markdown today” or “Take an additional 50% off today only.”


  • Pin your products. A new study by market-research firm Lab42 found that 54% of people spend more time on Pinterest during the holidays and 94% say it’s changed the way they prep for the holidays. Companies, like Nordstorm, decide what to feature in their stores based off of their activities on Pinterest.


  • Make your customers in-store shopping experience personalized. Shoppers will go where they feel wanted.



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