Customer Service Should be the #1 Priority For a Small Business

Micah Solomon is the president of Oasis Disk Manufacturing, a small business that makes compact discs for a variety of consumers.  Solomon says that his mission has always been to promote good customer service in order to attract repeat customers and get word of mouth customers. 

This can be hard, even for Solomon, who has found that his employees are not always on the same page.  He says that the best way to do this is make it clear to the employees that treating your customers well is more important than saving a few dollars here and there.  On top of this you must treat your employees in a way that keeps them satisfied with their work environment and encourages them to pass on this kindness to your customers.  Solomon suggests that small business owners accept and address feedback from their employees on any needs that they have in order to keep them approachable and friendly with all of their customers.


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