4 Applications to Manage Emails Better

With computers being used in virtually every type of small business nowadays it can be hard to manage your emails, social media, business website, and all of the other tools the computer has to offer. These four applications can greatly reduce the time and energy spent managing emails being sent out and sorted through by yourself and your employees.

The first app is Boomerang which can delay emails you send out to allow you to contact employees, clients, suppliers, and anyone else at a specific time without having to manually send out the email at that time.  Another useful app is Rapportive which extracts links from your emails and displays them without having to open the email itself. This can be very useful when quickly checking on social media without having to read through the numerous emails these sites will send you. The third application you should be using is Inky which can analyze and rearrange your emails in order or importance so you have the urgent messages at the top of your list.  The final app that will help any small business owner is Zoomin which will pick out key words from an email, offering you to quickly glance at the content of a message to allow you to decide which are important and which emails can wait.


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