Two Pittsburgh Women Are The Model for Starting A Small Business

In 2007 Evvy Diamond, an unemployed mother of three, decided that she needed to get back to work but wanted to do something she was passionate about.  She decided to start creating and supplying stationary paper as she had always had a love for creative stationary and artistic paper products. After several small orders she finally broke through with a deal with a big time New York card shop.  Sadly the order fell through and Evvy realized that she had to open her own shop rather than relying on orders from other businesses.


With an investment of $20,000 from her long-time friend Amy Bass she was able to rent a storefront and get startup supplies for their stationary store, Nota Bene. Bass gave up a cushy six-figure salary to work fulltime with Diamond, each receiving only a $40,000 salary, investing all other profits back into the business. Business is now booming for Nota Bene with a projected annual revenue growth of 25% for the next three years.


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