Benefits of Using Google+ For Your Small Business

It can be hard to decide which social media platforms will help your small business increase its revenue and which ones are just another site that requires maintenance.  Many businesses owners avoid Google+ because it is known to not be as popular as other site, namely Facebook and Twitter. However, this does not meant that you should not use it for your small business. Having some presence on any popular social media platform is helpful because it increases your overall web presence and increases your Search Engine Optimization rating.  Google+ is no exception, in fact in some ways it is more helpful than other social media sites.


Google+ is useful for any small business because having a page moves your company up in the results on search engines every time you make a post, and keeps your page more relevant the more often posts are made.  It is also valuable because with the ever expanding influence that Google has on the internet, things like YouTube comments relating to your page will now appear in Google’s search results as long as your Google+ page is up and running.


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