Four Pro Tips for Social Advertising

Know Whom You’re Targeting: Twitter and Facebook allow businesses to target users by location, demographic, and other variables. Facebook allows businesses to identify people who are not currently fans of your page or site, but people who have similar interests and characteristics as your fans.

All Ads Don’t Have to Be Social: Stick to your point when advertising.  Not all advertisements are entertaining; most of them are created for a purpose. When creating ads make sure they follow your business objective and are relevant to what you’re selling.


Be Creative with Social Advertisements: Don’t make your ad’s so cookie-cutter. Make them well thought out and share iconic pieces to promote your brand or company. People are more apt to remember stories and not just straight facts.


Go Mobile: Mobile devices are becoming more prevalent in society and it may just be that your viewers are viewing your content on their phone. When creating advertisements on social networking sites get your point across early and make sure they are brief. Also, check to make sure anything you post is compatible with a mobile device.


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