Advertising Through Social Media

The two most popular social media sites today, Twitter and Facebook, both offer a way for your small business to reach potential clients through advertisements. Although the process used to be complex, it has become much simpler. But before diving in to advertisements on social media, determine the success or failure of your spreading your businesses name.

Facebook allows business to advertise many different ways, while being budget friendly by allowing businesses to select a budget. Businesses can create an ad that will entice customers to buy a product or service or simply just optimize likes for their page or website clicks. Facebook allows you to customize your ad and then helps you determine where your ad will perform best. As a business, you get to select a target market for your ad by selecting the location, age, gender, interests, etc. After creating and spreading your ad, you are able to track your advertisements progress on Facebook.

Twitter may seem a little simpler. There are two ways to promote your business on Twitter, either “promoted tweets” or “promoted accounts”. Promoted tweets are perfect to promote a message or specific product. Businesses can reach their target market by promoting their account or specific tweet to users who have recently searched or tweeted about a keyword.

As social media grows it is important, as a business, to keep your company in the loop.


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