Getting the Most Out of Your Press Release

Have you ever wondered how to maximize the effectiveness of your press release? Better yet, have you ever been curious as to why your beautifully written, detailed, and enthusiastic press release wasn’t more effective? If so, pay attention. The following four tips will revolutionize the way you approach the creation of your next press release, and undoubtedly boost its effectiveness.

1. Write Your Release with SEO in Mind

SEO: search engine optimization. What is it? It is how people will actually find the information you are trying to publicize! In today’s age of technology, it is no longer enough to have a beautifully written press release. One must write a press release with key search words, or “hot” words, in order to make it easy for people to find on, say, Google. Insert these keywords in hyperlinks, and repeat them throughout your statement.

2. Include Search-Optimized Images

Again, you want to grab the attention of your audience; reel them in. An effective picture will truly capture the essence of the news or information in your press-release. A good way to decide on an image is to ask yourself: “without looking at the content of my press release, what information do I want my audience to take away?” That said a simple picture of your product won’t do. Instead, get an action shot of someone using the product. And remember, it’s all about high-resolution!

3. Boost Engagement with a Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how much is a video worth? Well it’s certainly worth your time. Videos are a great way to engage your audience. Stick strictly to the news you are presenting; and don’t bore your audience! A solid video, combined with a photograph, can double viewer engagement! Videos are effortless for your audience; all they need to do is sit back and let you convey the news to them. That said, do NOT settle for a measly link to a promotional video at the bottom of your press release; rather, embed it directly in the content!

4. Use Social Media to Amplify Your News

After your news has been posted to your website, create hype around it using social media! Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest; the more backlinks there are to your content, the more value search engines will assign to it. The more value the search engines assign to it, the better suited it is for SEO.

So, the next time you go to create a press release remember: you’re not in Kansas anymore! Technology has revolutionized the way people search, view, and respond to the content of your press release. It is important to do all that you can to cater to this fact in order to get the exposure that your big news deserves!

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