Online Hiring Tools Are Changing the Game: 4 Tips

How often have you found yourself struggling to find qualified candidates to fill an open position? Conventional methods for advertising job positions and appealing to qualified candidates have become increasingly difficult. Likewise, the cost of using a hiring firm can be astronomical; far beyond the reach of many small businesses. Alas, there is good news. Online resources have made appealing to and reaching out to qualified candidates easier than you think!

For now, we will focus on one major resource: LinkedIn. Let the numbers speak for themselves. Last year LinkedIn’s membership grew a staggering 25% and now exceeds 200 million members worldwide; the popular professional networking website has secured its place into the fabric of professional life. Below are some tips for effectively utilizing all that LinkedIn has to offer in order to find that ideal job candidate.

1.Establish Your Brand

Sure, you put out a great product; but what does your company looking from an outsider’s perspective? The first thing an interested candidate will do is go to your business’ website. It is important to consider what the website projects about your company. A sloppy, hard to navigate, uninformative website will most certainly scare people away.

Another way to establish your brand is to participate in industry-specific discussion forums on LinkedIn. You may be surprised at how many candidates accidentally stumble upon your company in a forum discussion. They like your input on the forum and bam, the connection is made.

2.Experiment With Keywords

Ever been stuck wondering why you can’t find something on Google, only to have someone else come and magically find it in 10 seconds or less? As with Google, finding the right keywords to use in a LinkedIn job candidate search is an art form. It might take a few tries, but striving to find the best keywords to yield the best results is essential to effectively finding candidates online!

3.Put Your Employees to Work

Every update posted to LinkedIn, whether it be about a new title, project, or account landed gets posted to the pages of people in your network. Encouraging current employees to maintain and regularly update their LinkedIn pages could have the potential to reach out to thousands, even millions of people. Any positive attention that you can draw to your business in this way is invaluable.

4.Combine High Tech With High Touch

At the end of the day, technology has not changed the overall process very much. LinkedIn provides a means through which you can easily find your pool of candidates, and then it is up to you to get them on the phone, set up an interview, and seal the deal. While LinkedIn can help cut down the overwhelming task of honing in on a group of candidates, there is no substitute for really getting a feel for your candidates through one-on-one communication.

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