The 4 Essential Components of Impeccable Customer Service

Bad customer service. We’ve all struggled with it at one time or another; and let’s be honest, there is nothing worse. If there is one sure-fire way to lose customers it is poor customer service. Whether it be poor time management, inability to diffuse situations, or even as simple as an employee with a bored look on their face, all will play in favor of your competition.

The good news is it is not hard to provide stellar customer service! By simply enhancing your customers’ experience with good service your business’ integrity, and overall bottom line, with prosper. Below are 4 keys to providing quality customer service.

1. A Quality Product or Service:

I know, we get it. Your product is the BEST (insert obnoxious sales pitch here); but is it? Your customers, quite literally, are the people who are supporting your livelihood. They are the ones who are, essentially, putting food on your table. Give them what they pay for, and more importantly what they deserve! The bottom line here is that, all else aside, if your product can’t stand up to or surpass the quality of your competitions, you’ve lost business before you even had it.

2. Stellar Service:

Okay, reality check. It does not matter how good, great, spectacular, bullet-proof, durable, high-end, or down right incredible your product is if you can’t deliver it to the customer with the same quality. Point in case: if there is a local donut shop whose donuts I love, but every time I go in there the employee working looks bored, lackadaisical, and frustrated that I’m there because he wants to go on a cigarette break, then to heck with them! I’ll go to the million-and-one Dunkin Donuts instead, just so I don’t have Debbie downer cramping my style.

3. Time is NOT on Your Side:

Time is not on your side, and it never has been. The issue of time, and efficiently managing customers in a timely manner, has only gotten worse with the advent of technology such as smart phones, because everyone wants things instantly. Good customer service does NOT rush customers out the door, or put pressure on them to make a uniformed or rushed decision. It does, however, involve being efficient and finding a balance whereby customers feel no pressure, but also don’t feel as though they are just standing around wasting their time. As I said, the key here is balance; Namaste.

4. Be Prepared for Things to Go Wrong:

It is important to plan for things to go wrong, and have a plan to handle them if they do, so that you can handle customer issues calmly and effectively in a timely manner. A good tip to remember here is that you should fuss over customers as a mother would over a loved one. If you fuss over, or sympathize with a customer in these situations they will tend to diffuse themselves. And that makes everyone’s lives easier.

So there you have it; the four components to providing impeccable, unparalleled customer service. Learn them, love them, and live by them!

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