Learn From The Best

Who better to learn from than the leaders in the industry. Three of Ameirca’s top company executives dish on exactly what makes them succeed. Each has different methods, priorities, and styles, but all are able to achieve massive sales and grown their business exponentially.
John Stonecipher, President and CEO of Guidance Aviation Inc. and Small Business Person Of The Year Winner
“Surround yourself around the best people you can and give them an opportunity to do what they love to do best. Each one of my staff and faculty are leaders themselves. I cannot succeed without them.”

Judith Huck, President Classique Floors Inc.
“Try to find a mentor if possible. I was incredibly fortunate to have had Art Christoffersen as my business partner … He was a great sounding board and really never told me what to do, but he asked some great questions that led me to the answer.”

Dr. Mehdi Yazdanpanah, CEO, Founder of NaugaNeedles
“I guess I would say don’t be afraid. If they have a business idea but are afraid because of a lack of funding or experience and so on, I have to tell them don’t worry, these are not going to be an issue in this country.”

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