Maximize The Impact of Your Press Release

Optimize your press release with the following simple tips.

1. Write Your Release With Your Audience In Mind: More Specifically Google
Simply writing a press release that sounds great is not enough any more. It doesn’t matter what great information you have to offer if nobody’s listening.
Your readers might be Googling topics about your company, your industry and your services. The more you can tailor your press release to the reader searching the better chances you have of getting in touch with an audience.

2. Picture This
Images make your content more dynamic and more likely to show up on Google. According to Mashable, “80% of journalists and bloggers are more likely to cover news that includes an image.” Carefully select your images that best depict the topic of your press release, and are engaging.

3. Include Video
According to CrowdFactory adding a photo into a press release increases the engagement by 14%, adding a video doubles this rate. Make a video that captures your topic concisely in a way that holds the viewers interest.

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