How do your customers find you?

How do your customers find you?

The majority of consumers still find businesses though a basic search engine inquiry but other search locations are quickly gaining ground. You need to know where your consumers and your potential consumers are on the Internet. There are a number of places in which your customer might find you. 28% of sites used for search were not search engines or huge social networks.


In order to best plan your marketing strategy, determine your existing website statistics. Many businesses ask a simple optional question; “how did you hear about us?” There are also general statistics that can help guide you, like research that shows older consumers are more likely to use non-digital media such as paper newspapers and magazines.


E-mail marketing is a particularly powerful tool for attracting traffic to a website. Effective marketing emails contain several embedded links to make it easy for the recipient to navigate to your website. Many companies have seen astronomic returns from e-mail marketing.


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