Consider your context

Consider your context

The news has been full of debates over the social responsibility of business for years now. It is clear that many people feel reform is necessary to change how big businesses act towards their surroundings but have you ever thought about what small businesses can do as well? Small businesses do a lot for their communities just by opening but there are some additional steps a small-business owner can take to foster a beneficial social effect. Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, involves the effort of businesses towards behaving ethically, contributing to economic development, and meeting or exceeding the expectations of the community. Businesses, big and small, can do this by aligning business goals with social and environmental goals.


Practicing good CSR can be the difference between success and failure. Good CSR will increase your exposure and expand your loyal customer base. A good place to start is your local Chamber of Commerce.


Here are some ideas for attending to your CSR:


-Sponsor a local sports team


-Donate a portion of your profits or company time to a charity


-Host community events


-Explore sponsorship opportunities at local schools


-Allow students to spend time at your business to observe and learn


Even the smallest of businesses can contribute in some way. If you’re your business’s only employee, volunteer for a local charity or school. Make sure you always have a positive attitude when interacting with members of your community! You are acting on your own behalf AND for your business. You will also have the option of creating a press release about your efforts. Go get involved!


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