Why Your Small Business Needs Pinterest

When is the last time you logged onto a social networking or blogging website? Well, you’re on one now; but I’d be willing to bet that before checking up on our humble business blog here, you were on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Pinterest checking to see what your friends and family are up to. Chances are it didn’t stop there; at some point, likely several, during your mindless clicking to navigate page to page you probably came into contact with a variety business or brand pages that caught your attention. How am I doing? Spot on?

Don’t worry; I haven’t been monitoring your internet usage. The fact of the matter is that you are in sync with the majority of internet users. Yes, you’re just a part of a silly statistic; but how can you use this knowledge to help out your small business? In 2011 the Nielsen group released a social media usage report that illustrated just how much a business can benefit from making a presence online. Here is what they found:

  1. Americans spend most of their time online on social networks and blogs;
  2. 70 percent of active online adult social networkers shop online;
  3. 53 percent of active adult social networkers follow a brand—only 32 percent follow a celebrity;
  4. 60 percent of social media users create reviews of products or services;
  5. The number of mobile Internet users is up 47 percent from 2010.

It’s no secret that if your business is not already tapped into the blogosphere and the world of social networks, then you’re already behind the times! This may seem a little overwhelming, but I am here to offer some guidance on where to start making an online presence for your business.

Believe it or not, the social networking website Pinterest is the best place to begin. According to data collected by social media marketing applications company Wishbone, 43 percent of Pinterest users interact with brands or businesses that they like, compared to just 24 percent of Facebook users. What’s more? 70 percent of Pinterest users say they use Pinterest to help decide what they should buy, and pins, or posts, that include the price of the product in question are 36 percent more likely to get a “like!”

Oh, and you know those “Tweet this” and “pin it” buttons lurking at the bottom of all those websites you visit? Consumer electronics giant Sony reported that the “pin it” button gets 10 times as many clicks as the “tweet this” button. They also note that the average Pinterest user spends an average of 98 minutes per month on Pinterest!

The list of similar statistics goes on and on. The common thread throughout is that consumers consistently favor Pinterest over other websites for discovering brands and services and for deciding what to buy. By creating and properly maintaining an account on Pinterest your small business will be able to not only create an online presence, but attract an audience that is rich in loyal paying customers.

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