Cyber-Crime’s Easiest Prey: Small Businesses

Verizon released a report on data breaches the other day and the results show that the most vulnerable victims of cyber crime are small businesses. About half of the reported incidences occurred at companies that employ under 1000 employees. The Cyber security firm, Symantec, confirmed the trend with 31% of small businesses that employed less than 250 people were taken advantage of.Big businesses have large IT teams and sophisticated measures that monitor and protect their systems and data from intrusion by cyber-criminals, Small businesses don’t generally have the money for IT teams and to keep every single computer protected. In fact, criminals have been using smaller businesses that deal with larger companies as a way into a major corporation’s network. A small business should avoid thinking they are too small to be worthy for cyber attack, small businesses are lucrative targets with customer credit information and money in accounts besides being the doorway into a larger parent company or supplier. According to Verizon’s Kevin Thompson, small businesses should make use of strong passwords that get changed often, keep your anti-virus software updated and don’t expose essential services to the internet.

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