CEO Of Hootsuite Gets Inspiration From A Surprising Place

Ryan Holmes, CEO of the social media management platform Hootsuite is incredibly successful.  Where does he get inspiration for management?  According to Holmes he learns from his Rottweiler-cross dog, Mika.  When returning from business trips Mika greets Ryan and occasionally accompanies him to work and sleeps under his desk.  Holmes says that he’s learned the importance of unconditional love from his dog, and has used his experience with his dog to make himself a better manager.

Lessons learned from Mika:

  1. Be Loyal- Dogs are known for their loyalty and Mika is no exception.  When in business terms being loyal can be a huge assest.  With a loyal team that helps builds the company with you.  There is also blind loyalty that can be someone not doing their job or someone who is looking out only for him/her-self.
  2. Trust your instincts- Mika internal clock just knows when she is going to get feed in the same way she knows to stay away from threatening people.  Trusting your instincts in business is key to the failure or success of the company.  “Faulty data, miscommunications, even people with interests that aren’t aligned with your own can get in the way of making the best decisions. It can also waste a lot of time to be constantly second-guessing things” (1).  Listen to others, but always trust yourself.
  3. Know what you want and be super persistent about getting it- Mika knows that her persistence will pay off in the end, after waiting for food to drop she finally gets a piece that falls to the ground or you give in a tossed she a bite.  “She’s the dog who will sit quietly in the background at a party, until the very end, then rush around and snap up all of the dropped morsels of food on the floor” (1). You have to be persistent in business to get what you want, like getting investors for the company.  “It’s very, very important in business to not give up. If you have a goal, you have to learn to tackle obstacles from every possible angle, and do everything it takes to get to a desired outcome” (1).

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