Tech Industry Competition

Apple and Samsung have become heated competitors in the electronics marketplace. Each industry has it’s own giants that are constantly trying to one-up each other. In the extremely competitive phone industry which will win – Apple or Samsung?Both companies have been neck and neck in terms of their marketing tactics. With heavy advertising and Samsung making fun of Apple it’s hard to say which consumers prefer. Reviews come from all types and the most popular source for these is the internet.

The release of Samsung’s new flagship phone the Galaxy S4 approaching a man from TechSmart decided to compare the durability of the phone against what will be it’s main compeitior, the Apple iPhone 5. Armed with three different cameras, a camera he was holding, a camera fixed on the landing point, and the phones own cameras the man begain to drop the phones from different heights. Both phones faired just fine from hip or chest level drops with a few minor scuffs but once the heights were lifted the results changed. From anything higher the GS4 began to show cracks on the screen while the iPhone just became more scuffed.

So in the end is marketing or product more important?  This depends for each industry, but for right now it seems as though iPhone is ahead.

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