Are You An Entrepreneur?

Many people dream of having their own business.  However, it is a huge undertaking, and there are a few characteristics that will help decide how successful an entrepreneur you might be.

1.  Comfortable taking risks.  Being the boss means being responsible for all the big decisions.  You have to be comfortable with the idea of your business’s rise or fall hinging on your decisions.

2.  Independent.  Again, you are your own boss, so you have to do a lot of the work completely on your own.

3.  Persuasive.  If you can’t sell it, it won’t sell.  You have to be able to engage and persuade people, from customers to employees to business partners.

4. Able to negotiate.  As a business owner, negotiations dictate everything.  You need these skills to save your business money and keep it running smoothly.

5.  Creative.  You must be able to imagine new things, new solutions, new ideas.

6.  Supported by others.  Family, friends, or even a business mentor to help keep you from flailing in the beginning.

Do these characteristics describe you?  Sounds like you just might be an entrepreneur after all.

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