Small Business Owners: Hiring College Grads

There’s endless amounts of advice given to the college grads entering the work force at this time of year, but they are not the only ones who need it. Businesses looking to expand their human resources need a few tips as well to ensure that the new hires are well suited and adjust accordingly to the way they do business. The typical graduate is entering a whole new world from what they knew in college and can be a little skittish at first.  There are some key actions that will help smooth the transition for both the business owner hiring, and the employee starting out.
1. Consider from an outside perspective how you operate your business. Then clearly communicate what’s expected to the new employee. This saves a lot of time and anxiety for all concerned if the new hire is well instructed on what is expected of them and how you want it done.
2. Discuss the company culture, how to uphold the company values and ethics as well as how best to become a productive member of the overall collective. The best places for grabbing lunch or taking a break and any office past times such as ‘Casual Friday’ or company protocol are examples of company culture.
3. Be an attentive listener. Have frequent conversations with follow up questions, Put the phone away and make eye contact during conversations so that they know your focus is on them. Most grads respond very favorably to a boss that actively listens to them.
4. Make time to help them get connected. Introduce them to your customers and contacts, suppliers and colleagues, anyone in connection with the company. Helping them get connected and familiar with all involved helps them to help your business grow.
5. Show appreciation.  Never forget to say “Thank you” and mean it. Gratitude goes a long way to ensure your new hires performance level stays high and fosters company loyalty.
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