Organize Employees With Temperament Categorization

Being a new business owner or taking over a new business can be very tough to handle. One of the things that may help you organize, use your employees to their best potential, or take control as a leader in your business, is to catagoize your employees into a system that uses their best talents by electing their personalities/work habits/temporment a color. Think of this process almost like a horiscope that uses colors to divide your employees, instead of the chinese calander animal representations or zodiac figures.

Susan Geary and Anne Bulstrode explore temperaments in the book Colour Savvy.  The four main categories according to the authors are:Inquiring Green, Resourceful Orange, Organized Gold and Authentic Blue.

Once you have assigned or dubbed your employee a color place them on tasks that best fit their personalitys. For instance use a “Resourceful Orange” personality to meet deadlines and multitask as a PR person, but not as someone who needs to be fully structured.

Grow and be productive in your business by using colors to harness your teams resources based on their personality traits to best play to their strengths or weaknesses.

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