A Startup Is Nothing Without Confidence

As in many things in life, confidence plays a big role in how successful your startup business will ultimately be.  It usually has little to do with skills or the quality of your business idea, but everything to do with the confidence you have to sell yourself and your vision.  That confidence is what helps you convince investors that you are worth their funding.  As an entrepreneur, it’s important to keep these three confidence tips in mind.1.  Commit yourself.  If you’re committed, you will stop at nothing, not even lack of funding, to follow your dream.  If you’re truly committed, you will always find a way to make it happen.

2.  Be genuine.  Don’t script out pitches based on what you think the market or investors want to hear.  Instead, make it personal, base it off of personal experience.  Started your business in your own home?  Well, it’s your dream, talk it up!

3.  Know thyself.  Understand your own strengths and weaknesses and own up to them.  Express your willingness to hire help in areas where you need it.  Confidence isn’t just about riding your strengths, but also about acknowledging your weaknesses and working a way past them.

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