Manage Your Time Better On Social Media

Let’s face it.  We’ve all spent hours browsing through social media sites when we knew we should be doing something productive.  For small business owners, however, it can be the opposite – they either don’t have the time to or don’t know how to use social media effectively.  Here a few tips that can help.

1.  Have a set procedure.  Figure out where online your customers spend their time, and where your business’ online presence can make the most impact.

2.  No one’s perfect, so don’t be afraid to make mistakes, learn from them!

3.  Simplify things.  Work on one tool at a time so you can use it more effectively, rather than use many tools ineffectively.  Which tool?  Refer back to tip #1.

4.  Don’t take days off.  Post regularly, make it a routine.  Even if it’s only one hour a week, do that hour every week.

5.  Use your own voice online, reflect yourself and your company with that voice.

6.  Decide how long you’ll spend on social media and stick to it.  A time limit that you keep to to avoid social media distractions.

7.  Turn off social media notifications to help with tip #6.

8.  Schedule new content posts, weekly is ideal.

9.  Review analytics to keep track of results.

10.  Plan an expected return:  What do you want to get out of using social media?

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