6 Ways to Boost Sales

When you think about increasing sales, the first thing that comes to mind is probably how to reach more people to get new customers, but that mode of thinking isn’t very effective.  There’s a gold mine of sales opportunities in a more obscure place:  previous customers!  Just because you’ve already sold to them doesn’t mean you’re done with them, in fact, you’ll gain so much more in sales by bringing these customers back!  Not sure how to get them coming back for more?  Here are 6 tips to help:

1.  Set up a sales incentive program.
Your sales staff needs to be motivated to sell, and there’s no better way than having an incentive program in place that pays off for their efforts.

2.  Encourage sales staff to upsell.
Make sure to have a related product or service readily available that is convenient and necessary for customers to buy.  Don’t just put it near your main products, persuade customers that they can truly benefit from it.

3.  Give customers the inside scoop.
If you have a sale or special event coming up, tell your customers about it, whether in person, by email or by phone call.  Chances are, they’ll take advantage of it, and bring some friends along too.

4.  Have a customer tier system.
Regular customers are different than other customers, and they appreciate being treated as such.  You should show that you value them, whether by greeting them by name or by giving them discounts or other benefits.

5.  Have a rewards program in place.
Building on tip #4, reward customers for their loyalty.  Any size business can utilize a loyalty program, be it a customer birthday discount or a reward points system.

6.  Give customers free samples.
It gives your customers warm, fuzzy feelings about your company, and they will likely buy a product they have tried and liked.

So remember, new customers are good, but loyal customers are better.

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