Practicing Safe Use of Technology

Now that your business has taken the dive into the world of technology, it is important to remember that it is, quite literally, a whole new world. Within the confines of this new, ever expanding world of technology there are just as many dangers as there are benefits.

Alright, I should have prefaced that with the following. Technology, in this day and age, is a necessary part of any business geared toward success. It enables you to market your business and link up with other businesses, distributers, and agencies. In addition, it allows you to join the “green” movement for a more environmentally sustainable business by allowing you to keep important contacts and other documents in a virtual file, while limiting the amount of paper, ink, and other resources you use.

While you may view your company’s virtual data bases, computers, and other such technologies as impermeable and indestructible tanks, the fact of the matter is they are not. You need to consider both internal and external threats. Internal threats manifest themselves in situations where employees leave computers unattended, fail to change passwords, or click on links in spam mail. External threats, on the other hand, are most commonly in the form of hackers (i.e., malicious individuals who are out to ruin your day).

Contrary to popular belief, hackers actually target small businesses specifically, because they are much more vulnerable than larger ones. In fact, without taking the proper precautions, your data (contacts, contracts, private business information) can easily be stolen or manipulated, leaving your small business “heading up the creek without a paddle,” so to speak.

Sit tight and listen up, because I’m about to tell you how you can avoid the dangers of technology left vulnerable to attack. Use the following list as your bible for safe use of technology and the protection of data:

  • Invest in anti-virus and internet security software
  • Back up ALL of your data in MULTIPLE locations
  • Require employees to change their passwords every couple of months
  • Devise a plan in case of disaster
  • Educate your employees about internet security!

It’s simple. By observing the 5 points above, your small business will be able to utilize all of the benefits of technology, safely, and effectively, without jeopardizing your most valuable data and assets.

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