Just Because Your Business Is Small Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Look and Act BIG!

Just Because Your Business Is Small Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Look and Act BIG!

While every small business owner prides themselves in customer service, reliability, and providing quality products to consumers, many consumers are still wary of choosing small businesses over larger, seemingly more established ones. They fear that small businesses may lack the experience and skillset to properly deliver high quality services.

The good news is that you can overcome this dilemma! Below are some simple steps that your small business can take in order to compete with, and look like, a bigger business. Think of it as a mind game, it’s all about appearance!

Three Easy Steps to Looking Like a BIG Business:

1. Look The Part

When a consumer visits a website they are looking for more than just your contact information; they are seeking reassurance that your credentials are adequate for providing them with a quality service. This means that your points of contact (i.e., website, social media, etc.) need to be well put together in order to convince them of your ability to provide the quality that they are looking for. Think of it like this: when a consumer is trying to evaluate your credentials, and is confronted with a less-than-convincing website, it is much like a top executive showing up to an important meeting in rags. While he may be the smartest, most qualified for his job, he certainly isn’t convincing anyone at the meeting who knows nothing about him.


2. Contact Strategies

To the skeptical consumer, wary of small businesses, the location of your business can say a lot. Believe it or not, your location can be enough to deter a potential customer.

I understand, not everyone can afford real estate in a ritzy New York City office building. What everyone can do is use a P.O. Box as an alternative to providing a residential address to consumers. Doing this will divert attention away from your small town location, and can even serve as to appear as if you are located within a big city. Remember what I said about mind games? And the best part is you’re not manipulating or fibbing to anyone!


3. Website & Stationery

This directly ties into looking the part. In addition to maintaining a professionally done website, it is a good idea to have your own domain name. Instead of potential clients sending e-mails, for example, to Bob@aol.com, it looks far more professional to have them send e-mails to Bob@businessxyz.com. Remember, it’s all about appearing big.

Additionally, it is important that literature relating to your business is all professionally printed. Brochures and business cards especially. As for business quotes, memos, and other pieces that you may need to print yourself, get stationary with your business’ official letter head and watermark on it to use as an alternative to standard white printer paper.

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