Every Rose Has Its Thorn

While the overarching goal of The Affordable Care Act is to allow healthcare to become more accessible, recent developments will delay healthcare accessibility to small businesses in some states.

An essential part of this new law is meant to set up a marketplace to allow small businesses to offer employees a variety of healthcare options via state health exchanges; but 26 states have delayed the onset of this crucial part of the law from taking effect. These 26 states have opted to allow the federal government to set up their marketplaces. In doing so, they have delayed the ability for small businesses, with 50 employees or less, to be able to offer multiple healthcare options by up to a year. As a result, instead of taking effect immediately, the ability for small businesses to offer a variety of healthcare options could be delayed to as late as 2015.

Some states have already begun work on their health insurance exchanges. Silver State Health Insurance Exchange, Nevada’s health insurance exchange, will allow business owners to pay one premium for all employees who purchase healthcare plans. Silver State Health Insurance Exchange will then distribute the premium accordingly to the various insurance carriers, based on how many employees have enrolled in each plan.

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