Connecticut Small Business New Support

Small businesses in Connecticut are receiving support during the difficult economy with the Small Business Express Program. The program initially was made for $100 million dollars to be distributed to small companies in Connecticut  with 100 or fewer employees. The program, authorized by Governor Dannel Malloy, is for instead $60 million dollars to replenish the small business community.

The assistance program that was thought of last year, has been authorized by the Manufacturing Assistance Act and will begin it’s replenish Wednesday after being approved by Joseph Crisco. The support will not only help retain businesses but create new jobs in Connecticut during the worst economy in America.

Though the new act is investing wisely in companies, once approved small business can use the funds to hire more staff, make leasehold improvements, purchase machinery and equipment and construct facilities. The guidelines include only to Connecticut small business with 100 or less employees that plan to remain in the state for at least 12 months.

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