Out With The Old: Yahoo

Even for large companies, the economy is having everyone question their business. For the company Yahoo, its all about tossing old products to the chopping block. Marissa Mayer who recently last year stepped in as CEO has made the decision to get rid of some of yahoo users favorite features. Yahoo Messenger, Clue, Avatars, Sports IQ are just a few products that will no longer be featured, or no longer supported and updated by Yahoo. 

Mayer has hand in the redesign of Yahoo’s home page and the new email style as well. In more surprising news is the new policy being placed by Mayer in reference to Yahoo employees. No longer will employees be able to work from home which was information leaked in late February. Yahoo is not alone in this move but company such as Bank of America have implemented the policy.

In order to increase what companies believe will be efficient with employees, they believe in a collaborative environment where employees can converse, even if the majority prefer a work from home environment. How this will effect the company, the employees are millions of yahoo users is still yet to unfold but is surely a company to look out for.

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