Tales Before The Sequester Storm: Small Business

As small businesses are clinging to their seats before the sequester comes into effect, few are becoming active to avoid the damage from being worse. CEO ML Mackey of the Massachusetts company Beacon Interactive Systems and Yen Tran, a software developer, have been active in searching for new customers to make up for the upcoming loss of government contracts, 90 percent of their business through those contracts. Working closely with the Navy managing information before missions, Mackey has been taking her software to other companies and manufacturers to prepare for the fall.

Jetting to New York, Ryan Lemires high-tech consulting business, Geocent has also been active in seeking new clientele. With 85 percent of Lemires business deriving from the Department of Veteran Affairs, the Air Force and the Navy, he has taken his business to non-government companies to pitch his business. So far as the cuts are beginning to come into play, Lemires has succeeded into new customers, one avenue of his specialties in managing employee benefits.

With the federal budget cuts beginning its sad tale in August of 2011 (businesses suffering since that time) companies based with government contracts are expected to be hurt the worst. Karen Mills, head of the Small Business Administration, has explained the target is ‘small business’ with the decrease of defense spending, and the overall bad economy. The number of jobs that will be lost nationwide could be up to 956,000.

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